In a time where there is a declining rate of resources, education, and platforms catering to emerging creatives, Project Pit serves as a bridge and solution. Digital and technological advances have influenced the rise of aspiring independent creatives and entrepreneurs within the entertainment industry. However, due to the fast paced, exclusive yet lucrative nature of the industry, many perceive a career path toward entertainment as unstable, unpredictable, inconsistent and without a roadmap to navigate. Project Pit is designed to fill these gaps by creating opportunities and offering resources to individuals within the creative community such as events, workshops, affordable educational opportunities and more with the mission to entertain, inform and inspire.  

Entertainment and media have the power to invoke change. It can empower underdogs while challenging champions and provide hope in the times of despair. Through Project Pit, we remind individuals the importance of letting their dreams live because each of us are built for greatness and to overcome the various, yet unique pits that life may present. 

Society and media remind us of how different we may be through age, race, gender, sexuality, religion, political affiliations and income status, however, Project Pit believes that despite our differences, we each share the common denominators of starting at the bottom and facing obstacles on our way to the top. 

We believe that it’s not about how hard you get hit, but rather getting up despite the hit. Project Pit is a movement and we believe that no matter what you aspire to be or do, we all know we have the power to let our dreams live and we can all overcome our pits and get back up together.